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I contacted Anytime Sewer and Drain Cleaning to install my new dishwasher. I also wanted to get a ice maker line installed for a new refrigerator. I spoke to Cliff and he agreed to come out on a Sunday afternoon to give me an estimate. Cliff came out on that Sunday and gave a very fair estimate on the work. We scheduled the work for the next evening(when it was convenient for me). Cliff and his assistant installed the dishwasher, re piped the drain for discharge and installed the ice maker line with cut-off valve. Cliff noticed that my water heater was also leaking and needed replaced. We scheduled the replacement for Thursday evening (again when it was convenient for me). Cliff and his assistant installed the new water heater Thursday evening as we had scheduled. I would highly recommend Anytime Sewer and Drain Cleaning. Cliff is very professional and does excellent work at very reasonable rates. He even gave me some helpful tips on some other issues---Angie's List Member, Christopher from Imperial, PA

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Christmas night our pipes backed up and flooded the kitchen- quite a disaster. We managed to unclog it for the most part, but made some calls to emergency plumbers as we weren't sure if it had worked and if we could use the water. Cliff was the only one who returned our call, at ~8:45 Christmas night. He talked us through how to make sure the drains were ok for now, and what to watch for. He spent about 10 minutes on the phone with us, and saved us from a HUGE amount of stress and $$ and time! If we have any further problems, we will definitely call him. Well, they did back up again-- this afternoon. Came down from shower, kitchen flooded. Called him immediately, he was there with in the hour, cleaned water up with Shop Vac, snaked pipe, cleared clog, gave us good advice on insurance claim, care for wet areas, mold prevention, etc.--Angie's List Member, Amanda from Pittsburgh, PA

Loyal Customer Paige from City of Green Tree has this to say; 
We used Anytime Sewer & Drain Cleaning to install our toilet and also fix a spout that was on our shower
There was another plumber that came out and did it improperly. I had water coming out of it so it was awful. Anytime Sewer & Drain Cleaning came out and fixed it. In our bathroom upstairs, there were these turning knobs that looked like plus signs, one looked like a plus sign and another looked like an X. He took it apart twice, worked with out and adjusted it beautifully. It turns the right way now, so there is no problem. He's great and I've used him before to install a sump pump for us.--Angie's List Member, Paige from Green Tree City, PA
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"I found Cliff to be intelligent, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I will be calling him if I have any other plumbing needs and would definitely recommend him to friends and family" Patrick From Pittsburgh, PA
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I called several places to see if I could get someone to come fix the problem, no one could come fix the problem until Monday, until I called Cliff from Anytime Plumbing, he came to fix the problem, on a Sunday morning, due to my schedule conflicts. WOW, what a life saver!  

This isn't the first time I have had to gets the roots removed from the drain, it happens about once a year, so I kind of know what to expect. I has very happy that Cliff didn't try to up sell me on his other services, in fact, he told me how I could prevent more roots from growing and causing the same problem.

When Cliff was done, he cleaned up everything and then even helped me with another project. I highly recommend Anytime Plumbing (Cliff Kaltreider) to anyone that is in need of these type of services. I will definitely call him again, if I need a plumber----Angie's List Member, Kenny from Pittsburgh, PA
"Life Saver, Highly Recommend"